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Biohackers Toronto Website Launch

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In 2019, Guillermo and I started the Biohackers Toronto meetup, to grow a community of awesome biohackers. We wanted to meet more people who like us, enjoy reading up on interesting modalities, old and new, giving some of them a try and seeing what results we get. We reached out to Biohackers Collective and joined forces to open a Toronto Chapter. 

Welcome to Biohackers Toronto

Nearly four years later, we have a growing meetup (650+ members) and we’ve offered 70+ events, mostly in-person. The people we’ve met along the way have not disappointed. We get curious people joining our talks, asking our speakers thoughtful questions. We learn almost as much from our members as we do from the speakers who come to present.

In 2023, we look forward to inviting more awesome speakers, meeting more curious and thoughtful biohackers and organizing more outdoor events. If you haven’t been to one of our talks or socials yet, consider joining and attending our next event!