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Can Food Sensitivities be Reversed?

On Sunday, April 30, we held a lunch and social and informative talk on Dr. William Davis’ latest book Super Gut and a first-hand experience applying Dr. Davis’ Super Gut protocol!

Ever wonder why people in first world countries increasingly seem to experience more food sensitivities and allergies? If we knew the root cause(s) of this trend, could we reverse it? Guillermo and I shared our experiences with implementing the first phase of Dr. William Davis’ protocol, as described in his latest book Super Gut.

Biohacking with Super Gut by Dr. William Davis

The presentation covered:

  • How food sensitivities may start in the gut
  • What is small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)?
  • Testing for SIBO
  • Symptoms and conditions associated with SIBO include:
  • What is Dr. William Davis’ SIBO Protocol?
  • How Can we Optimize our Fermented Foods for Gut Health? Which specific strains do you definitely want to introduce and retain in your starter? (Recipes included!)
  • Outcomes experienced by your Biohackers Toronto hosts, Cathia and Guillermo when implementing Dr. William Davis’ protocol.

Curious to learn more? Get Dr. Davis’ book!

If you would like a copy of the slide presentation, please fill out the form below. We continue to update the file as we learn new things. Fill in the form below to access the 4th version of this presentation.

***The 5th version includes an update on histamine producing versus histamine suppressing microbes.***

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We are not medical professionals. We are not providing medical advice. This presentation is for information purposes only. Consult a trusted medical practitioner to help you make informed decisions about your health. If you feel concerned about someone sharing their personal health anecdote with an audience, don’t worry. We are not trying to mandate commensal microbes or anything else into your body against your consent.

Updated June 7, 2023