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Dinner and Presentation: the Latest in Biohacking for 2023

On Thursday, November 16, 2023 Biohackers Toronto enjoyed a Dinner and Presentation on the Latest in Biohacking for 2023 with Jessy Abed, Health Coach and Integrative Biohacker!

Our event included some fun networking/socializing time at the start and then we got down to Jessy’s presentation. Jessy attended a number of Biohacking conferences this year and reported back to Biohackers Toronto members on:

  • Dave Asprey’s 9th Annual Biohacking Conference , Orlando, June 2023
  • Biohacker Summit, Amsterdam, October 2023
  • Biohacking Congress, Miami, October 2023

Jessy covered a list of top ten vendors and gave her impressions and feedback on each. Our members enjoyed hearing about these conferences and hearing the feedback of a trained and experienced health care worker on various biohacking gadgets and products.

About our Speaker, Jessy Abed

Jessy Abed, health coach and integrative biohacker.

Jessy is an Advanced Practice Medical Radiation Therapist and Medical Researcher with a career spanning over 15 years at a prominent cancer hospital in Toronto. She holds three degrees from the University of Toronto, including a Master of Health Sciences, with a specialized focus on nutrition and exercise for cancer patients. Furthermore, she has nearly two decades of experience in the wellness industry, holding certifications as a personal trainer specialist, certified holistic nutritionist, cancer exercise specialist, and health coach.

Jessy’s primary passion centers around biohacking, and after a decade of dedicated exploration, she has transitioned into the role of an Integrative Biohacker. She remains at the forefront of the latest advancements in biohacking, enabling her to assist individuals in enhancing their overall well-being through a holistic approach that integrates cutting-edge biohacking techniques with her expertise and experience. To learn more about Jessy, check out her website here.

Updated November 27, 2023