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Health Preparedness at the Preppers Meet

The Annual Preppers Meet 2023 was a big hit! From Friday, July 7 to Sunday July 9, 2023, people got together in a beautiful wooded setting in Grey County to learn about a variety of prepping skills!

Biohackers at the Preppers Meet

This was an opportunity for Biohackers to step up their biohacking game with a touch of prepping. If you missed it this year, mark your calendar now for next year. This event is a blast for anyone looking for entry-level, intermediate and/or advanced prepper training. Biohackers Toronto will provided the following informative talk at this year’s Annual Preppers Meet:

Health Preparedness @ the Preppers Meet

  • How to significantly increase mental and physiological resilience.
  • Implement strategies for reversing many chronic diseases or putting symptoms into remission.
  • Prepare your medicine cabinet, including medicinal mushrooms.

We attended the 2022 Preppers Meet and LOVED it! The 2023 Preppers Meet did not disappoint!

Canada’s Premiere Survival Training Event
With a host of great instructors and a wide range of topics the Preppers Meet had something for everyone.

The following is a list of just some fabulous events offered at the 2023 Preppers Meet:
Wild Edible Walks
Archery / BB Gun Alley
Black Powder Rifle
Fire Making
Shelter Building
Bugout Bags
Communications, Codes & Ciphers
Self Defense Classes
Off Grid Living & Networking
First Responder Training

If you are on facebook, join the Preppers Meet facebook group so that you can get the latest updates as well as see some cool, behind the scenes pictures and information:

To receive a copy of handouts and slides from the Biohackers presentation at the Preppers Meet, please fill out the form below and the material will be emailed to you.

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Updated August 15, 2023