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Mind Hacks for Health Challenges and Recovery

Biohackers Toronto Meetup on Wellbeing Science


Do you struggle with negative thoughts, hopelessness, or anxiety around your health?
Are you dealing with unsupportive friends and family who believe your symptoms or health issues are all in your head?
Does fear or anxiety creep up on you and pull you away from enjoying your life?

Join us at our next talk!

Mind Hacks for Health Challenges and Recovery: Tools from Wellbeing Science for Emotional and Mental Health

Date: Thursday, May 30, 2024 6:30 PM

Location: Near Summerhill Station in Toronto

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Discover practical strategies rooted in wellbeing science to navigate health challenges and foster emotional and mental health during recovery. Explore some fundamental concepts from applied positive psychology, self-compassion, navigating unsupportive relationships, working with worry and judgements to gain actionable tools to cultivate resilience and promote healing.

Whether you are facing health challenges or supporting others, join us to unlock the power of the mind for thriving through adversity.

About our Speaker
Lina is a resilience coach, wellbeing educator, brain injury survivor and Lyme warrior with lots of real life experience in these areas. Her first book: Raise Your Head Up: A No-Nonsense Guide to Getting Your Life Back After Concussion, will be out soon.

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