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Othership Sauna & Cold Plunge Experience

On Sunday, December 10, 2023 Biohackers Toronto members enjoyed a sauna and cold plunge experience at Othership Yorkville. The experience included guided breathwork, hot sauna (about 88°C/190°F), complete with aromatherapy experience, and a cold plunge (about 4°C/39°F). It was a memorable experience!

Othership Yorkville boasts an awe-inspiring, 90-person performance sauna, which is the largest sauna in North America. The class we attended was called Rose, Thorn, Bud and guided by Jehanne-Marie Milne. The title of the session was an invitation to contemplate the year behind us (both the beauty – the rose, and the challenges – the thorn) and what is budding ahead. The guided breathwork session in the sauna included aromatherapy, towel waving to distribute the essential oil scents, breathwork, periods of complete darkness, sound healing instruments and loud vocal release.

This class is great for all the benefits of hot sauna, as well as the benefits of controlled cold exposure in the frigid water and the experience overall also yields some of the cathartic outcomes from a good breathwork class and is reminiscent of plant medicine ceremonies.

Our members thoroughly enjoyed it and we found ourselves wanting to get together after to de-brief and connect, so we found a nearby café to enjoy a drink together and to connect with each other. For future Othership events, we will definitely organize a de-brief and social time at a nearby café after the sauna and cold plunge class. Having a shared experience together is a great ice-breaker and led to deep conversations and getting to know new members and getting to know old ones better!

How to safely prepare for a sauna and cold plunge experience:

  • Hydrate with water
  • Move slowly in the sauna and emerging from the ice bath
  • Check yourself: notice when you (+ your ego) are pushing too hard
  • Be cool + chill with additional hydration circuits
  • Learn the language of your body: recalibrate in the lounge if you feel dizzy
  • Stay awake + aware in the sauna
  • Explore with clarity: never mix hot + cold with alcohol
  • If you have any condition for which sauna may be contraindicated, speak to your trusted healthcare provider before participating.

To learn more about classes and events at Othership Yorville, please visit their website.

Updated January 4, 2024